Your guide to the modular kitchen

Your guide to the modular kitchen

Refitting or extending a kitchen is a long journey. It’s one that begins with selecting the way you want it to be constructed. You’ll find your decision between taking a bespoke, fitted or modular kitchen approach. Modular kitchens are increasingly popular, and complement natural stone worktops wonderfully. But then, granite, marble and quartz look fantastic in any kitchen, it has to be said! So let’s work out where modular kitchens are great and where they’re not so great. Then you can get on to the really fun bit of browsing for beautiful worktops! 

What is a modular kitchen?

Most kitchens available on the market today are modular in some way. Modular kitchens are basically a way of describing a kitchen design comprised by standard individual units. When pieced together, these units form the structure of your new kitchen. The units may be pre-assembled or flat packed, but are all made to standard sizes. The arrangement of the modules is what gives your design its individuality. The function of each unit will help to zone your kitchen storage and the way you use the space.

Units in a modular kitchen

The great thing about the modular approach is that you can chose individual elements within a unit. Modules within a module if you like. Units tend to come in pre-determined categories. 


A unit comprised of shallow drawers. Used for cutlery, tableware and suchlike.

Pull out

Deeper units that function as drawers instead of cupboards. You may pull out the whole unit front to access separate internal compartments, or the unit may be divided into two deep pull out sections for easy access to the contents.

Floor Unit

Opening with a traditional door, the inside of a floor cupboard can utilise different module functions.

Wall Unit

Wall mounted cupboards may contain traditional shelving or more innovative pull down options. 

Full height

These units could be a traditional door opening, but are more often pull out pantry styles offering access from both sides.

Pros of a modular kitchen

The popularity of modular style kitchens is telling. There are a lot of advantages to this approach. 


For modular units, most of the work is done off site, so that when it comes to assembly within your kitchen it’s pretty straightforward. 


Within the different module options, there are many clever solutions to storage and purpose. All of the function can be hidden under your stone worktop to keep those visible surfaces clean and clear.


The standard sizes of modular kitchen units work well with other aspects of your kitchen. Integrated appliances for example, tend towards a standard size and so if they need to be replaced then it’s easy to update your kitchen without refitting it. 


There’s a huge flexibility of aesthetic in a modular kitchens, since modular really refers to the structure of the space. You can select any style of cabinet front that you wish. Then top the units with cool marble, stylish granite or contemporary quartz for a stunning aesthetic.


Modular kitchens can be relatively cheap. You have a lot of control over your expenditure since you select each individual element. In this way, modular kitchens can be a great way to control your budget. 

Cons of a modular kitchen

As with anything, there are disadvantages to modular kitchens. We look at some ways to overcome potential cons of a modular kitchen. 


Just as a modular kitchen can be affordable, it can also be expensive! Since cost really depends on the materials, supplier and functions that you select, the variability is huge. It’s very easy to get carried away so you must be disciplined!

Not Unique

Modular kitchens can be tailored to your needs, but they are not completely unique. Especially as they are so popular, to all intents and purposes your kitchen can appear very similar to the one next door. You can overcome this by paying attention to other features of your kitchen. This is why so many customers pair their modular kitchen with a granite or marble worktop. These materials are naturally mined in slabs and so no two worktops are the same.  

Standard Sizes

As each unit is constructed to standard sizing, it can be a juggle to fit into non standard spaces. It can therefore mean that you’re not utilising the full width and height of your kitchen. You may end up with a gap which can be frustrating. However, there is normally a way to utilise gaps, with pull out towel rails for example. 

Modular Trends

How can you best embrace kitchen trends when opting for a modular kitchen? 

Flexible Use

Otherwise known as broken plan, this trend for a multi use kitchen is ideal for modular structures. Units can be used to create a kitchen island or divide to help to zone the space into working, dining and living areas. 

       Visible Things

It’s a very fine balance between visibility and clutter, but this trend is all about achieving it. Units with glass fronts are ideal to display your more attractive kitchen                          features without allowing them to clutter up your worktops.


A huge growing trend is the incorporation of marble in a kitchen design scheme. This is a good trend to jump on, since marble is such a classic finish it will never look dated. A marble worktop sits well with most cabinet front styles and is so durable that it’ll give you a lifetime of use. Avoid marble effect, though, since these finishes get damaged easily. 

Mixed Textures

Create depth in your kitchen by mixing patterns and textures. This is a much more natural look than those styles that are limited to sleek lines and glossy cabinet fronts. Pairing wooden cabinet modules with the sparkle of a natural granite worktop is a great way to achieve this. 


Clever storage is a kitchen trend that never goes out of style. Modular kitchens are great for this, with a multitude of different functions that can hide behind doors and drawer fronts. Your worktops will remain clear and uncluttered.

There’s always a balance to be found, and mixing modular with bespoke is a common solution when it comes down to kitchen design. When you’ve chosen your modular units, why not come to us for a stunning and unique worktop to perfect your room.

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