7 Ways to Personalise Your Kitchen


7 Ways to Personalise Your Kitchen

Browsing kitchen ranges online and in showrooms is a wonderful way to research different styles, finishes and solutions. However, when each kitchen is unique to its space and user, we look at key areas you should pay attention to when contemplating how to personalise your kitchen design. Your habits, lifestyle, tastes and passions will differ from the next person considering the exact same range. So how can you ensure that your space is perfect just for you?

1. Kitchen Island

If you are lucky enough to have a space that can accommodate a kitchen island, this design feature is a great way to personalise the room for your use. For culinary kitchen users, your quartz or granite kitchen island can extend your baking or prep facilities. Perhaps you’re more of an entertainer, so it can house your bubbly and glassware. Or for families it can be a flexible beast to accommodate everything from baking to homework to craft.

2. Colour

Your colour scheme is one of the first decisions that you will have made. But what does it say about you? Those seeking a kitchen that is a haven of calm tend to be drawn to blues and greens.  Or look to tones of yellow to create a warm and energetic room that’s great for busy families. Vibrant splashes of brighter colours like red or orange are great for social kitchens and work perfectly alongside a predominantly monochrome scheme.

3. Cabinet Fronts

For traditional or country styles of kitchen, your choice of cabinet door hardware is entirely individual. How intricate do you want the detail to be? How about finish? A vintage antique look can make your brand new kitchen feel lived in and homely against a granite counter. At the other end of the spectrum, sleek modern concepts often ditch the hardware altogether and sit beautifully against stone worktops. This doesn’t mean that your cabinet fronts lose all individuality though. Small details matter here; like how your cabinet front segues into the edging of your stone worktop, or how corner cabinets extend an uninterrupted sleek line.

4. Lighting

When it comes to your kitchen lighting, your choice of fixtures and fittings are a fantastic way of making the space unique. If you have a breakfast bar or kitchen island, pendant lighting offers an aesthetic way to illuminate the underlying stone worktop and reinforce your colour scheme. Or look to freestanding lamps or wall features for ambient lighting.

5. Greenery

The best way to keep your kitchen feeling fresh and healthy is to maintain a level of greenery in the space. This could be an indoor herb garden on a windowsill or even inlaid into a stone worktop. Or use the space above your kitchen wall cabinets to house trailing plants. Fresh fruit is also a great way to keep the room feeling fresh, so display a well stocked bowl on your kitchen island or breakfast bar.

6. Display

Are you a collector? Or do you have a passion for cook books? Including some level of open shelving in your new kitchen layout will enable you to show off your unique pieces. Don’t overdo it as display can very easily appear messy, so be sparing. Small areas of display will ensure that your display facilities are seamlessly integrated into the rest of your space without being imposing.

7. Mixing Styles

Personalisation is all about not being pigeon holed. So if you don’t feel that you fall into one of the ‘modernist’ or ‘traditional’ camps, why not mix your styles? Contrast traditional cabinetry with contemporary light fittings, or smooth sleek stone with more intricate freestanding furniture.

Each decision that you make will adapt your kitchen design to make it reflect the personality of your home. Both you and your family will spend a huge amount of time in your newly fitted kitchen. So it must include elements of what makes you unique. By setting off these details with a stylish stone worktop finish, your kitchen features will turn your house into your home.

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