Colours in the Kitchen

kitchen with island, sink, cabinets, and hardwood floors and view of living room

Colours in the Kitchen

If you’re always standing in the kitchen at parties, then it may be that you’re just the coolest one in your crowd… or could it be that you’re actually busy judging the design choices of your host and reading into the insight that it gives to their personality?! It is true that our design choices are extremely telling of our priorities and values, and none more so than our choice of colour.


If you’re a bit of a social butterfly, a statement kitchen is probably for you. Hot colours such as red or orange attract the eye and make your kitchen a talking point. The key to a statement kitchen, however, is not to overdo it. So the colourful aspects of the space should be balanced with more neutral tones. Bringing the colour into your space via worktops is an ideal strategy here. A red marble-like Rosso Levanto or granite such as Rosso Marinace are both complex and vibrant.


Unconsciously, many of us style our kitchens to be reminiscent of our childhood memories. The kitchen is the heart of the home and so it follows that your memories of past kitchens will dwell in your tastes and inclinations. This doesn’t mean replicating a dated design though! Often colours such as yellow or green inspire a sense of nostalgia and work extremely well with stone surfaces. From the natural tone of Edora Dekton to the mottled elegance of Verde Issorie marble, your colour scheme can be highlighted throughout the space.


If minimalism is your thing, then tones of white or black will be your focus. This monochrome look appears classic and modern and is a popular choice in stone designs. The choice available in stone worktops, bars or tabletops is therefore substantial. From a very flawless Vienna quartz to the more textured appearance that you find in Kairos, the scale to which you want to take your minimalist scheme is down to you.


If you seek a dramatic feel in your kitchen, look for the added elements in your stone. The striking black and tan combination in Nero Portoro marble offers a contrast in colour. Alternatively, add glamorous sparkle by choosing Star Galaxy granite. Maybe your leaning is to the hi-tech, in which case the super compacted Dekton quartz range is perfect. This evolution of traditional quartz is not only super resilient but choosing grey tones such as Spendor can give an ultra-futuristic feel to your kitchen space.


Maybe you’re a country bumpkin at heart, and to achieve the perfect country kitchen you’d be forgiven for assuming that the only way is wood. However, the natural cream and tan of limestone give a classic finish that works perfectly alongside elements of wood. Toning in with rustic style cabinets using a natural colour palate is sensible here, which is epitomised by limestone shades such as Moca Creme.


For classic kitchen designs which combine the traditional with the modern, you need to think pink! Not the fuchsia shade that you may think of when you bring this colour to mind, stone relays these shades in deep, textured and natural tones. Looking at a granite such as Juparana Colombo, you can see how your worktop or tabletop surfaces can blend in wonderfully with both wood and metallic elements, allowing you to enjoy a kitchen of contrast.

The range of colours that are available through the variety of stone surfaces that we offer at Zenstone make any colour scheme or concept easily achieved. The worktops are highly resilient and will withstand hot pans or constant water contact without complaint. So once you’ve arrived at the perfect kitchen concept, you won’t have perpetual maintenance to worry about and can simply enjoy your space!

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