Which Stone Suits Your Life? Take Our Stone Quiz!

stone samples for worktops

Which Stone Suits Your Life? Take Our Stone Quiz!

If 2019 is your year for a new kitchen, you’ll most likely be turning your thoughts to the potential of stone. For work surfaces and sink surrounds, stone is an extremely popular material. However, the options are extensive and can feel confusing or daunting.

So how do you untangle the options and arrive at your ideal stone, in the ideal hue? Take our fun quiz to discover the benefits of different stones and how they might work for you!

My kitchen will be: 

  1. A busy, multi-purpose family zone
  2. A quiet haven of calm
  3. A social destination
  4. A focussed cookery facility

My view on ingredients is:

  1. Everything for the school bake sale
  2. Minimalist – the essentials only
  3. Whatever I need to follow a specific recipe 
  4. All things weird and wonderful for creative cookery

The decorative concept of my home is:

  1. The kids’ artwork
  2. Intricately colour toned and designed
  3. Meaningful stuff collected over the years
  4. Minimalist and modern

A kitchen is for:

  1. Cooking, eating, chatting, crafting, homework, everything bar sleeping!
  2. Enjoying the view of the garden in a peaceful shaft of sunlight
  3. Sharing the space with friends
  4. Experimenting with new recipes and techniques  

My ideal day out is:

  1. Wild camping with the family
  2. Strictly 5* spa
  3. Taking in a show with friends
  4. Foraging on the beach for ingredients

Mostly a’s:

Your ideal stone surface is quartz. You need a flexible and adaptable stone which can handle the onslaught of busy family life. This stone is reinforced by engineered qualities that mean that it is highly stain resistant; from felt tips to red wine. The durability of this stone means that it is extremely hygienic and easy to maintain. So wiping down surfaces becomes a quicker and easier process which is helpful for families. You can choose from a large range of colours that will complement any decorative scheme. It will withstand heat and repeated water contact to maintain its lustre for years to come. 

Mostly b’s:

Your ideal stone surface is marble. You will love the classic and natural veining of this stone, which emits a sense of clam around the room. Choosing a classic white will bring a timeless elegance to your kitchen, while other natural hues complement an overall colour scheme. Your home already has a touch of the luxurious and for your kitchen refit, marble will extend this concept into this room too. Although you don’t demand an indestructible stone, you will be delighted at the peace of mind that sealed marble will bring, since it is both heat and scratch resistant.  

Mostly c’s:

Your ideal stone surface is granite. In your new kitchen, you really want to make a splash. And what better centrepiece for your room than a granite worktop?  The choice of natural granite is vast, and as it is a naturally mined stone your worktop is guaranteed to be a completely unique piece. Whether you have a colour scheme or prefer monochrome, granite can seamlessly lift your room. While doing so, it boasts naturally durable and hardwearing properties. So from party to coffee morning, your surface will resist any damage to remain pride of place.

Mostly d’s:

Your ideal stone surface is dekton. You expect a lot from your kitchen and aspire to great culinary heights! So you need a surface that is super durable, super hygienic and super low maintenance. After all, why spend hours cleaning when you have another gastronomic delight to prepare? As dekton is engineered to be a non-porous surface, it does not require chemical cleaners. It is a cool surface that is ideal for baking, and offers maximum resistance to heat so you don’t need to stay in arm’s reach of a trivet! Spills are no issue, so you can enjoy your culinary creations before worrying about clearing up.

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