What are some awesome ideas for a small kitchen?

Small Kitchen

What are some awesome ideas for a small kitchen?

If kitchen space is tight, your choice of layout is limited. It’s more important, then, to maximise the space you have with a few awesome ideas for a small kitchen. It comes down to light, use of space and selecting good quality and well thought out features. You should think about the vertical plane, optimal storage and work out tricks to make the space feel larger and more open. This not only makes your small kitchen feel bigger, but makes it a more pleasant space to spend time in. 

Maximise Natural Light

Light makes every space feel larger. To make the most of the natural light that enters your small kitchen, you’ll need to think beyond windows. Make sure that walls and surfaces are light in hue. Worktops and cabinet fronts are the largest expanse of flat surface to feature in your kitchen, and so they are best placed to reflect natural light. Go the extra mile with a light, sparkling quartz worktop which reflects light into every corner of the room. 

Clever Storage

When floor area is finite, it’s what’s underneath of the worktop that can make the real difference. Use pull out solutions to access the back of corner units. This makes the workflow of your kitchen more effective. Pull-out storage utilises the maximum under worktop space. Deep drawers are a popular replacement for cupboards in refitted kitchens. These under counter drawers can house anything from refrigerators to waste organisation. Viewing from above gives you easy access to more of the space. Or look at full height pull-out pantry cupboards which are open on both sides. This prevents you from losing ingredients at the back of a cupboard.

Go for Quality

In a smaller kitchen, every aspect will feel more intimate. This makes it perhaps even more important to choose high quality features that will shine. So spend time browsing the different marble and granite worktops available. With such a wide range of colours and varieties on offer, there’s a perfect shade and graining for each kitchen design concept. Granite and marble are classic, durable stones, and will remain looking lustrous even after years of use.

Use Room Height

To maximise storage in a kitchen design, make the most of the height of the room. Arrange your kitchen utensils and gadgets based on how often you use them. So keep your seasonal items at height – like turkey platters, fondue sets and pumpkin carving utensils. Alternatively, invest in clever pull-down units within higher cabinets to optimise the space while still keeping it accessible. For very high ceilings, go back to the Victorian era and fit a ceiling airer to lift your laundry out of sight.

Zone the Room

Grouping like items into zones will help you to maintain clarity within your small kitchen. This technique will also give you the most working space on your granite, quartz or marble worktop. Keep your cleaning, bakeware, crockery, pans and appliances in distinct designated areas. The zones should be practically placed; so pans near the hob, crockery near your table or under a breakfast bar. Consider how small additions can help you. For example, a retractable towel pole near your sink can utilise a tiny space to make a convenient solution.

Remove Clutter

Clean lines and clear surfaces will make a smaller space appear larger. It’ll also reduce any claustrophobia you may feel when working in the kitchen. Your aim should be to keep as much of your marble, granite or quartz worktop clear as possible. By maintaining the horizontal line of your small kitchen, you will be able to create the impression of length in the space. This makes the room feel larger, and also gives you more space to work. 

Substantial features are so central to a small kitchen that it’s vital to get them right. When the eye is naturally drawn to worktops, it’s natural to want to make the right choice. When you invest in a stone worktop, you’ll reap aesthetic and practical benefits. Just contact us to find out more.

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