The Best DIY hacks to keep your kitchen on trend in 2021

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The Best DIY hacks to keep your kitchen on trend in 2021

Perhaps this year is not your year for a full kitchen refit. After all, you can’t refit a kitchen every year! But you’ve spent a lot of time in your kitchen over the last year and you’ve decided that it needs freshening up. The great news is that there are heaps of really achievable DIY hacks to keep your kitchen on trend. So, what are the looks and features that are hot this year, and what are the best ways to go about it DIY style? 

Make things Visible

While kitchen trends over the last decade have been heading down a very sleek line of minimalism, this is set to change over 2021. No longer are layouts and designs focussed on hiding away as much as possible of a working kitchen. Instead, we’re seeing more and more on display. So how do you go about achieving this look?

Add Textures

Interrupt the surface line by adding layers, levels and textures. So on your granite worktop, layer a couple of sizes of rustic wooden chopping boards. Add a tray of utensils, or trail a houseplant from the top of your wall units. These simple touches texturise the very linear shape of most kitchens, and are wonderfully easy to achieve. 

Open Shelving

As practical as it is stylish, open shelving showcases your kitchenware (the bits you want to be showcased, anyway!) while making everything super easy to access. This can be as simple as adding shelving to a bare patch of wall. Use it to house artisan jars of different heights. Lower level open shelving is not ideal if you have a toddler, that’s true. However if you don’t, then open up the sides of your kitchen island to achieve some great levels and depth of aesthetic. 

Darker Colours

We’re so used to hearing ‘light, light, light’ – but 2021 kitchens are taking a turn to the dark side. With darker tones bringing a more rustic look, this trend isn’t for every one. But it’s great for creating a cosy and bohemian feel. When you’re not planning a full refit, though, how do you get this look with minimal change?


If you’re going to make one change to your kitchen as part of a refresh, work surfaces are a great choice. This feature can radically alter the look of the room, without having to endure a period of upheaval. Select a deep granite or an inky marble for a simple change that will lift both the look and the value of your kitchen!

Soft Furnishings

From curtains to seat pads, the fabrics of your kitchen are easy to replace yourself. So choose some darker greens and blues to set against your existing kitchen and bring those more dramatic tones in. 

Use Contrast

Whether or not dark tones work for you, creating a contrast is a big trend for 2021 kitchens. This look works as well with pastel shades as moody ones so it’s a very accessible trend. And with such an extensive range of specialist paints out there, it’s never been easier to achieve.


Paint your cabinet doors and fascias. If your cabinets are panelled, you can paint contrasting colours within the doors themselves, or go two tone between floor and wall units to build contrast. The great thing about this is that you can refresh the look again and again without a huge price tag!

Kitchen Island

If tackling the whole kitchen with a paint brush isn’t for you, focus your energy on your kitchen island. By painting the surround in a contrasting shade to the rest of the kitchen, you’ll very quickly change the look of the whole room. 

Add Freestanding Items

The visibility trend for 2021 kitchens also extends to furniture. Newly refitted kitchen designs are embracing a combination of integrated cabinetry and freestanding units. So if you have the space, bring some freestanding items into the picture.


The most simple way to add a flexible atmosphere to your kitchen is through seating. From bar stools to lounge chairs, kitchen seating offers that freestanding look without changing the layout of the space itself.  


From floor lamps to sculptural pendant lightshades overhanging your breakfast bar, 2021 moves away from streamlined LEDs. Sure, spotlights will forever have their place, but the levels of lighting offered by statement pendants and atmospheric lamps hit this year’s trends. 


It’s fair to say that the trend for adding freestanding areas to a kitchen springs from a resurgence of all things vintage. So if you don’t want to alter the structure of your kitchen, bringing in vintage accessories is a great idea. For 2021, coloured glass is making a comeback in tableware, and copper pans and utensils are a growing trend in cookware. Whether you use these things or just have them on display is entirely your call!


Basically, anything marble or marble effect is bang on 2021. Of course, as marble connoisseurs, we extol the virtue of quality over quantity. So if a budget is limited, go for a smaller quantity of authentic marble over going the whole hog on marble effect. Don’t forget that this material is super durable as well as beautiful, so it’ll last a long time and offer long lasting value. 


A statement splashback is a huge tick for so many 2021 kitchen trends. And you don’t need to refit your kitchen to do it! Go for a marble slap splashback across the whole stretch of counter top. This will create texture, contrast and elegance all in one easy step!


If you’re going to make an investment in marble, you should make it count. And in no better place is this true than on your kitchen counter. By replacing your kitchen worktops with marble, the room is refreshed with a truly 2021 feel. In addition, its timeless appeal makes this the perfect foil for any more superficial changes, like painting cabinets, over the years to come. 


Just want to give a nod to marble? There are heaps of accessories, from serving platters and cheese boards to trays and ornaments. Keep them on display for on trend texture and depth.

To keep your kitchen on trend in 2021, you need not make a huge effort or spend a fortune. If you want to go a bit further than accessorising, just contact us to find out about our huge range of natural stone worktop options.

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