The Best Kitchen Trends for 2021

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The Best Kitchen Trends for 2021

If there’s one thing that spending the majority of the last year at home seems to have impressed upon people, it’s that they must take joy from their environment. This is why so many have opted to begin home improvements. The kitchen is an ever-popular room to focus on, since it’s where a lot of us spend the most time, from cooking to eating, socialising to working. So if 2021 is the year for your new kitchen, what are the upcoming trends which you should keep in mind?


Renovating or extending your kitchen is the perfect time to bring the room bang up to date! And there is so very much technology to choose from now. Smart appliances can offer increased functionality and even decrease your energy bills. Integration is the key in any kitchen tech scheme. So from A/V to lighting, your systems can be seamless. 


While neutral tones have remained a popular concept in kitchen trends for some years, we are starting to see many more nods to colour. We’ll expect to find colour appearing within cabinetry and on accent walls. Worktops and surfaces will remain popular in classic neutral tones of quartz and granite. Of course, that’s not to say you can’t go the other way around! With schemes of blue and green rising in popularity, coloured marble worktops are a wonderful way to weave tone trends into your kitchen. 


In a world where there’s a gadget for everything, we still like to keep our worktops clear. So a trend that’s been going from strength to strength in recent years is clever storage. New design ideas and innovations are developing all the time. Most desirable in 2021 is set to be a modern take on the classic kitchen pantry. From floor to ceiling solutions to pull out under worktop drawers, these solutions make a great kitchen. 

Dining Islands

If you have space, then a kitchen island has been a popular layout for many years now. The additional granite worktop space and storage is extremely desirable. The traditional kitchen island is now set to evolve to integrate seating as well. The kitchen islands that we’ll see appearing more often will benefit from storage whilst being a fabulously sociable space too.

Soft Furnishings

As our kitchens become more and more social rather than a functional working space, we require different furniture to fulfil the role. Kitchen extensions and knock-through kitchen diners are the most popular renovation of the kitchen space. Because of this, living furniture is becoming more of a vital part of the 2021 kitchen. You could use this to add that splash of trend inspired colour or keep it neutral to complement the quartz worktop that this part of the room will set off.


The next year will see further moves away from solely LED spotlight lighting. Again, inspired by the socialising of the kitchen space, lighting is set to become more about mood. There are several ways to fulfil this within your kitchen concept. Combine ceiling spotlights with striking pendant lighting features. This can take the form of smart lighting which can change warmth and hue. Complement this with integrated under-cabinet or in-worktop lighting solutions.

Broken Plan 

It’s easy to expect the trend for open-plan spaces to continue evermore. However, an emerging trend for 2021 is to bring some separation to large open plan kitchens. This could mean screens or bookcases or even raised splashbacks on a central kitchen island. This provides some separation within the room and prevents it from feeling too cavernous. The great thing about these zoning measures is that it keeps a space social whilst maintaining some privacy.

As trends evolve year on year, we see granite, quartz and marble worktops maintain their popularity. With so many varieties to choose from it’s easy to see why. Just contact us to find the perfect stone for your 2021 kitchen. 

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