What can I do to add character to my kitchen?

What can I do to add character to my kitchen?

Whether you are embarking on a full kitchen remodel or looking to freshen up your space, adding character will be on your mind. Your kitchen is one of the most used rooms in your home, and one in which you may entertain, relax and work. So, it makes sense to express the character of yourself or your family in the decor of the space. How can you best go about this, though?

Quirky Accessories

Adorn shelving or worktops with some unusual accessories or appliances. Unusual salt, pepper or oil dispensers, for example. Or a bespoke fruit bowl. Keep a limit to this to avoid the space becoming overwhelmed. The majority of your worktop should be free from clutter. Especially if it’s a granite or marble that you wish to show off!


Adding plant life to your kitchen will not only add character but also breathe restorative calm into the room. Plants make a room physically healthier and give a natural aesthetic which will be admired. If you have space, combine floor plants with shelf plants to add depth and cohesion to the look.


If you have pendant lighting, your light shades are a great place to add character. The height of pendant lighting means that it will always draw the eye. Unusual, vintage or bespoke pendant shades sit beautifully over a marble kitchen island. Feature lighting enhances your stone choice and vice versa.

Get Smart

Integrated sound and lighting is a wonderful way to alter the character of your kitchen. Set lighting and speakers into cabinets and worktops to add modern character to your kitchen. This smart technology can be connected to change according to pre-programmed settings, the time of day, or occasion. Indeed, your kitchen can be an audiovisual treasure trove!

Get Personal

Nothing expresses the individual character of your home more than personal touches. From photographs to the kids’ or grandkids’ artwork, select some pieces to adorn bare walls which are crying out for something different! If you prefer clean lines and a professional finish, display the kids’ paintings in frames, or get a couple transferred onto canvas.

Worktop edging

Look beyond standard bevel or rounded edging to your stone worktop. This small detail can have a huge impact on the finished character of your kitchen. For a contemporary kitchen, chiselled or rock edging is unusual and a bit subversive. Or make a visual statement with an ogee edge, which gives your kitchen an elegant style.

Kitchen Island

We don’t mean just any kitchen island. Use this feature to create something a bit different. Experiment with shapes, positioning and function. Add an extra sink, or reposition your hob within your kitchen island. Consider a double-height island. The depth of work surface that a kitchen island offers means that you can use this feature in a multitude of ways.

Colour Splash

If your colour scheme is a classic or contemporary mix of muted tones and sleek likes, add character with a splash if colour. A hob backsplash is a great place for this. Alternatively, contrast sleek lines of sparkling quartz with bright and vibrant soft furnishings. The great thing about colour accents in your kitchen is that you can easily change them when the mood takes you!

Seating options

Your kitchen seating affects how you inhabit the space. A variety of seating levels will make the room more accessible, comfortable and welcoming. Combine kitchen dining seating with tall stools at the breakfast bar. Or if space allows, add a window seat or sofa for a comfy cuppa.

Contrasting materials

Character is often created through contrast. So look at combining materials instead of following one theme through the space. A rustic wooden butcher’s block looks great against a sleek granite worktop, for example.

One thing to remember when you add character to your kitchen is that it must be expressive of you. This way, you maintain the integrity of expression in your design. Just talk to our kitchen designers to help find your own style.

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