What Can Domestic Projects Learn from Commercial Stone Use?


What Can Domestic Projects Learn from Commercial Stone Use?

Stone is used widely in commercial, corporate and leisure industry environments. Why is this, and what can homeowners learn by the way that stone is implemented? It’s easy to see why this material is popular in commercial environments. Surfaces undergo more pressure and intense use than you’d find in a domestic situation. So the durability and low maintenance of stone has cost saving benefits. These cost saving benefits are present in domestic stone use too: not just in cash but in time. 

Professional Kitchens

When aiming to successfully deliver a significant number of restaurant covers per day, for professional kitchens ease of turnover is key. Stone is a smooth and durable surface. It accommodates culinary preparation and can certainly withstand the demands of hot dishes and tools. Hygiene is paramount in professional kitchen environments. Granite or quartz surfaces have minimal porosity and so can be quickly wiped down without the risk of bacteria taking refuge in tiny inconsistencies in the surface. So for your family kitchen, it makes sense to choose these materials.

Hotel Bathrooms

For high end hotel rooms and suites, marble is an ideal stone for both sink surrounds and wall panels. This environment trades in luxury, and as marble is so durable it can withstand the constant level of water contact. In this way, the space can feel fresh and luxurious for many years. If you’re refitting your domestic bathroom then marble can help you to create a haven of calm away from the bustle in the rest of the home. Able to complement a wide range of colour schemes and concepts, you can replicate the feeling of spa living while enjoying a low maintenance finish.  

Office Reception Desks

Reception desks are the front line of a corporate enterprise. It’s no surprise, therefore, that many buildings choose to present their image with the help of a granite or marble topped reception desk. These stones carry the weight of style and sophistication that many of us strive to present in our kitchens. We all know that friends, family and other visitors to a newly fitted kitchen will survey and assess (okay – judge!) the design choices. You can be confident that when you choose granite or marble worktops, you have displayed your sense of timeless style. 

Service Bars

Within retail and leisure environments, consumers encounter a product via a counter top which many high end suppliers choose to be of stone. The reasoning here is that the aesthetic appeal and obvious durability of stones like quartz and granite makes a consumer feel more confident in the product or service. Consider the sturdy, smooth and cool feel of stone within a kitchen or bathroom. The space feels more grounded, the design more luxurious. It’s not just about how visitors will perceive it, it’s about how stone has the power to make you feel confident and settled.  


Of course, the big thing about the appeal of stone is the way it looks. Its power to be aesthetically eye-catching and beautiful. Naturally mined granites and marbles are truly unique pieces to choose for your kitchen worktop. Alternatively, the manmade resin element of quartz surfaces mean that you can achieve the appearance of a long uninterrupted uniform surface. Indeed, commercial enterprises go that step further to include stone interior cladding and inlaid logos or motifs within a design. You don’t need to do that – your kitchen island worktop can offer that same wow factor just through your choice of material. 

Commercial users of stone choose the material for reasons both practical and aesthetic. There really is very little difference in why stone is also the optimal material for domestic kitchen and bathroom surfaces. Whether you decide on quartz, marble or granite, you know that your worktop can meet the demands of a professional kitchen and present the same prestige as a global brand.

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