Cave Dwellers: The benefits of using stone in the home

luxury kitchen with marble worktop

Cave Dwellers: The benefits of using stone in the home

Choosing the materials to employ in a domestic redecoration or refurbishment is one of the first decisions you will make. It will influence the look of your space, the functionality it enjoys and, of course, your budget. So why do an increasing number of people now choose stone as their prime material, how is it best utilised and what features can it bring to your home?

On the Up

Plastics and laminates – icons of the temporary, disposable designs that were popular in the past – are on the way out and natural, resilient materials are on the up. It’s clear to see why: it is a wise and frugal decision to allocate your budget on elements of a space which will last both in functionality and fashion for a good length of time. Marble, granite and quartz are classic, timeless materials, yet the way in which you use them allows them to offer flexibility in style.


The clear front-runner for the use of stone in the kitchen is for your worktop. However, your choices needn’t be limited to this alone. Consider, too, bars or tabletops: these parts of your kitchen or dining space experience consistent and substantial use so a material like granite or marble is practical as well as striking.


From sink surrounds to vanities and even walls, hotel style luxury can become part of your bathroom. Easy to clean and with less need for grout, which can become discoloured and unsightly, using marble or quartz in bathroom spaces is a functional choice as well as an elegant one.


Some may claim that people can be divided into groups of those who prefer stone and those who prefer wood. However, we don’t believe this to be true. Maybe you needn’t choose between wood and stone? These two natural materials can work in wonderful harmony when designed thoughtfully. Your limestone kitchen worktop will set off natural wooden boards beautifully. Or how about pairing marble or quartz worktops with natural wood accessories?


Designing a kitchen or bathroom using stone products is more than just a classic stylish look. From quartz to marble, stone surfaces are stain, heat and scratch resistant. The materials can withstand consistent water contact and will easily survive sustained contact with hot pans and dishes without scorch marks. When all this is possible while also being low maintenance, this age-old material is perfect for modern life.


When the benefits of glass and mirrors within a domestic decoration scheme are well documented, it is clear that the shine that is offered by polished stone surfaces bring a light and bright dimension to any room. Or choose a satin finish for a flawless and air-like sheen. Even consider sparkle effects in your granite or quartz to bring an even more complex reflection of the light in your room.


The appearance of stone aside, what makes materials like quartz, marble, limestone or granite beloved by so many is their tactile surface. Customers choose to enjoy a cool, smooth feel in the spaces of the home where the most interaction with surfaces takes place: the kitchen and bathroom.

In a world which is increasingly attempting to balance the classic and natural with the demands of busy modern life, stone is the clear choice for refits and redecorations. With the flexibility of material and finish offered by products from limestone to granite, any colour scheme or style of decoration can be complemented by stone surfaces. A cursory browse of our libraries will demonstrate the extent of choice that is out there. The wealth of variety can even feel a bit daunting, so we’re here to make it all comprehensive for you.

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