6 Top Functions of a Stone Kitchen Worktop

Stone Kitchen Worktop

6 Top Functions of a Stone Kitchen Worktop

If you’re considering a stone worktop for your kitchen refit, you will likely consider both aesthetics and function. We all know that granite, marble and quartz are beautiful materials. Surfaces that will inspire admiration among visitors to your kitchen. But, how should we think about stone when it comes to function? Indeed, what are the key functional benefits of stone worktops and what works best where?


Maybe you prefer to prepare culinary delights close to your cook zone. Or you could prefer a separate area across the kitchen. In any case, stone is an ideal surface for preparing food. It’s a favourite of bakers, who value the cool surface of stone. Quartz and Dekton provide a non-porous surface that is extremely hygienic and hard wearing. So it is advised to use chopping boards to protect your knives! If the size of your kitchen allows, you can dedicate a whole work surface area to preparation, including a dedicated food prep sink.


Using your stone worktop as a service vehicle is multifunctional. It’s as important to choose a practical surface for a busy family service as it is for kitchens designed for entertaining. The key here is to ensure that your marble or granite worktop is properly sealed. The sealing process makes these stones resistant to spills. And whether you’re serving spag-bol or a vintage Malbec, spillage is always a possibility! To optimise service for your stone worktops, go for extra depth. Additionally, choose a kitchen layout that gives you lots of worktop area.

Kitchen Island

The most popular way to optimise your stone worktop area is to add a kitchen island into your kitchen refit or extension. When you choose a kitchen island, make sure you have its predominant function in mind. The best thing about a kitchen island is that it offers flexibility. However allocate a central purpose to this area to avoid it becoming a dumping ground! A larger kitchen island can integrate either a hob or sink to tie it into the functionality of the kitchen. Or alternatively, utilise the functionality under your worktop – with a wine fridge and clever bespoke storage.

Breakfast Bar

For kitchen layouts without the space for a full kitchen island, a breakfast bar is a favourite use of space. Some designs favour this ‘G’ shape layout over an island because it offers the maximum in worktop area. This makes it the pinnacle of stone worktop functionality. Extended lengths of marble or granite are ideal to showcase the natural flecks of these stones. So you get the maximum in useable surface whilst optimising the aesthetic grandeur of the stone.

Sink Draining

One of the fabulously functional elements of choosing a stone worktop are the integrated draining grooves around the sink. Stone is unique in its ability to supply this function within the worktop itself, as stone surfaces are so durable and resistant to water damage. With options such as recessed draining areas and splayed grooves, you can further engineer this function to suit the needs of your kitchen. 


No matter how often you entertain in your kitchen, a stone worktop is not only the most elegant but also the most functional surface. Cool to the touch, it will help to maintain an ambient temperature in your room. Especially if your kitchen extension or refit is laid out as a kitchen / diner, you’ll appreciate that cool feeling when the cooking hots up!

Whether you prefer the natural grain of marble, the sparkle of granite or the super strength of quartz, your stone worktop will offer you supreme functionality as well as a beautiful aesthetic. If you need help with the little details, don’t hesitate to ask one of our team here at Zenstone. 

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