Bathroom Beauty: Using stone effectively

white and grey marble master bathroom with large glass walk-in shower

Bathroom Beauty: Using stone effectively

Natural stone is a striking addition to any room in the home, but it is an especially fitting material for a bathroom. It is possible to choose almost any element of this room to be made from stone, from sink splashbacks and vanity tops to walls and floors. It is a practical, durable and elegant choice. But how do you use it to its best capability?


Perhaps your design concept is to create an oasis of glamour in your bathroom; a haven in which to retreat after a long day. Stone is ideal for this look, so browse marble surfaces for the natural and refined grains of colour or tone which make this stone a symbol of all things luxurious. The surfaces and vanity tops that are used in a bathroom are specifically ideal for implementing stone to effect luxury. They are the parts of the room that house your washroom products and are touched more than any other, so using stone adds a tactile dimension to the bathroom experience.

Keeping Cool

Using stone, you can achieve a design which radiates coolness (of temperature, although coolness of attitude runs concurrently!) If you seek a bathroom that lowers your blood pressure and inspires a tranquil sense of calm, then natural patterns of granite make ideal surfaces.

Keeping Warm

Similarly, stone can be used to encourage a sense of warmth. Yes, stone is cold to the touch but a stone floor that houses under-floor heating will inspire a luxurious feeling of warm massage with each step that you take. A feeling of warmth is as much about colour as touch, so browse the mellow beiges of limestone or quartz to achieve a warmth of tone in your vanity tops or sink surrounds.

Light and Bright

If you want to make the most of the natural light in your bathroom, a clear white granite or marble displays reflective properties which will absorb and bounce light around the room to make it fresh and bright. Using stone around a sink and alongside a bathroom mirror adds to the reflective properties of the room still further.

A Splash of Colour

Do you long for a bathroom of green or blue? Take a look at the mottled hues that you can achieve by choosing a coloured shade of granite or quartz. With every colour scheme covered by the ranges available in these stones, your decorative concept can be distributed around the room through your sink surrounds and surfaces.

Practical Material

The practical nature of a bathroom is that its surfaces are in almost constant contact with water. Where water can eventually damage or deface most materials, stone, when sealed, is extremely durable and can take the onslaught of bathroom water. Quartz and the Dekton process create a super dense and hardy material that will ensure that your bathroom surfaces are built to last.

How Much Is Too Much?

When you love natural stone as much as we do here at Zenstone, the answer is that there is never too much! It’s simply a case of using it wisely. While it is possible to contrast different stones on walls, floors and surfaces to create a striking look, your choice of stone can also be used sparingly. By focussing its use with vanity surfaces, splashbacks and worktops, your selection becomes central to the scheme and becomes a focus of attention.

The combination of its appearance, strength and tactile feel makes natural stone products an ideal choice within a bathroom design. With the wide variety of pattern, style and colour available across quartz, marble, granite and limestone, your ideal choice of mood and concept can be effortlessly achieved.

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