Should you Choose a Ready to Fit Kitchen or a Bespoke Kitchen?

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Should you Choose a Ready to Fit Kitchen or a Bespoke Kitchen?

Your core kitchen concept will pave the way for many of your other decisions during your kitchen refit. It will influence the more detailed choices that you make. This initial decision should take in budget considerations, timescale limitations and constraints of the space and building. Essentially it comes down to whether you choose a ready to fit kitchen or a bespoke kitchen. So we look at the pros and cons of these two approaches to kitchen remodelling.

Pros of a Ready to Fit Kitchen

A Ready to fit kitchen could be flat pack, modular or both. The units are of a standard size and construction. This means that there are many advantages to this design. 


The variety of module options out there includes many clever solutions to storage and utility. So you can make choices like deep drawers over standard cupboards as part of your ready to fit kitchen.


Most of the work is done off site for modular units. In this way, assembly within your kitchen is pretty straightforward. 


Ready to fit kitchens are not all equal. They range in quality and cost. So at the higher end of the market units are strong and robust enough to last a long time. Or at the lower end you’ll find more limited durability. One benefit that both share is that their standard size makes it easier to replace elements should you need to. This goes for both integrated appliances and fittings.


There’s a wide range of aesthetic options available in a ready to fit kitchen. Again, the level of spec that you choose for your kitchen refit dictates the range of options available. So, if you have your heart set on a stunning quartz worktop, make sure that this option is included within the range on offer.


There is no standard cost for a ready to fit kitchen. It all depends on the supplier and spec that you choose. Once your price level is finalised, you can control additional expenditure based on which options you select within the supplier’s catalogue.

Cons of a Ready to Fit kitchen

Although ready to fit kitchens cover a broad range of kitchen designs, of course they don’t work for everyone.  

Not Unique

Although ready to fit kitchens can be tailored to your preference, they are not completely unique. Because of this, you may find that you have to make compromises with the function and use of your kitchen space. This is especially so if your kitchen is an unusual shape. Some people chose a partial ready to fit option. This means you can choose alternative features, for example an independently supplied granite worktop. 

Limited Choices

If standard units work for your space, this is great! If you sign up to a ready to fit package, though, your more aesthetic choices can be limited too. So cupboard doors and worktops may need to be chosen from a catalogue selection.

Standard Sizes

It can be a struggle to fit into non standard spaces because each unit is constructed to standard measurements. Therefore you may find that you’re not utilising the full width and height of your kitchen. This can feel like a waste of space that could impact the functionality of your kitchen.

Pros of a Bespoke Kitchen

Essentially, a bespoke kitchen allows you to ensure that every detail of your kitchen is to your taste and preference. It will also optimise the space available.


So many different design concepts are possible within modern kitchen design. From the retro to the minimalist, country to coastal, your kitchen can really reflect your home. It’s easy to update a bespoke design in the future if you include a main neutral feature. Natural shades of marble or quartz will last a lifetime and match a range of style concepts.


Kitchens nowadays are multi-disciplined spaces. We cook, entertain, socialise, work and relax here. Therefore a bespoke kitchen ensures that the space is fully optimised with all of the functions that you need. This may be integrated entertainment, culinary gadgets or lighting.

High Quality

Selecting a stone worktop is a quality decision that will last for a lifetime. Materials such as granite, marble and quartz are popular features in bespoke kitchens. The unique quality is a stylish design feature, and also a sustainable and long lasting choice.

Use of Space

A bespoke kitchen will really use your available space. This includes breakfast bars,  kitchen islands, and working around nooks and crannies. Small kitchens with high ceilings will feel much larger if the whole height of the room is thoughtfully utilised. These solutions are only really available through bespoke services.  

Mix and match

More and more, customers want the freedom of styling their kitchen with a mix of fitted and freestanding cabinets and appliances. Clearly, bespoke designs work compatibly with this design trend.

Bespoke storage

Walls and corners are often not perfectly right angled. In this way, practical storage is a key feature for bespoke kitchens. A kitchen can really complement and support your lifestyle with units that can open in unusual ways.

Cons of a Bespoke Kitchen

No one can have it all, so of course there are cons to a bespoke kitchen. These factors don’t limit everyone, but should always be considered. 

Lead Times

Bespoke designs take time. In order to arrive at the right final product, you will need to be more personally invested and be prepared to process a number of changes in design. Once finalised, bespoke features can come with longer lead times, so completion may take more time. It’s worth factoring this in to your expectations. 


Generally, bespoke kitchens tend to cost more than ready to fit kitchens. However this is not always the case so it is worth exploring both options. An alternative is a hybrid design that mixes standard structures with bespoke finishes. 

Finding a balance

There’s always a balance to be found, and a common solution is to mix ready to fit elements with bespoke features. Whichever path you choose for your kitchen refit, we will source a stunning stone worktop that makes your new kitchen unique.

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