What’s the Best Kitchen Floor for You?

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What’s the Best Kitchen Floor for You?

How and why do you choose a kitchen floor? How do you ensure that the materials of your kitchen design complement each other? Your kitchen floor has the power to reflect and reinforce the design choices that you have made, from soft furnishings to stone worktops. So looking at diffusion of light to maintenance demands, we give you a rundown on how to pick the ideal flooring material in your new kitchen.

Best for Handleless Cabinets

If you have chosen a kitchen design based around handleless cabinets, it’s likely that you’re going for a modern and streamlined look. So continue this concept by choosing sleek, minimalist flooring. Many consumers choose a high gloss finish for their handleless cabinets and drawers, so high gloss on your floor can go hand in hand. From polished marble to trendy vinyl, shine is the order of the day for this look!

Best for Traditional Cabinets

If your new kitchen is designed along country kitchen or more traditional lines, you’ll be drawn in by detail. So when it comes to flooring, look for materials that feature natural lines. Hardwood flooring is, of course, made up of natural graining which is appealing within these design concepts. Or look to the past with treated and sealed limestone slabbed flooring to reinforce that lived-in look.

Best for Small Spaces

For smaller kitchens, stone is a wonderful flooring to help to widen the space. Small tiles can make an already diminutive space feel smaller and cluttered. So large slabs of granite or marble, or larger stone tiles can counteract this effect. Keeping the colours pale diffuses natural light around the room and prevents any feeling of claustrophobia that a smaller space can provoke.

Best for Budgets

We all know that laminate floorings are a great option for keeping within a tight budget. However, when laminate technology has come on in leaps and bounds it’s no longer a compromise option. With flooring products that replicate finishes from ceramic tiles to wood, your floor can support a wide variety of aesthetic concepts. Look to higher quality, low sheen laminates for a material that can withstand a busy kitchen.

Best for Low Maintenance

If durability is your thing and maintenance is a turn off, look no further than stone flooring. With the power to withstand scratches and stains, stone comes first for low maintenance options. If you choose stone tiles, go for larger sizes to minimise areas of grout. Avoid porous stones such as terracotta which should be regularly sealed to avoid permanent damage from spills and staining.

Best for Families

Families, especially those with small children, demand a floor that is both soft yet hard wearing. The floor should accommodate tumbles and falls while withstanding drops, spills and things being wheeled across it! Popular for families, then, is a flooring of engineered wood. These floors can sit beautifully as part of both contemporary and traditional kitchen designs.

Best for the Funky

Gone are the days when vinyl flooring is to be mocked and disparaged! Vinyl is enjoying a come back, and not just for playing music. If you’ve chosen a modern handleless kitchen design scheme, vinyl can be perfect to add an uninterrupted block of colour or geometric pattern. The technology of the material has evolved, allowing it to be a far more hardwearing material that many of us remember.

Flooring material options are as wide and varied as you allow yourself to imagine – there’s even an example of a painstakingly intricate flooring made entirely of one penny pieces! When you want your floor to sit seamlessly alongside your choice of granite, marble or quartz worktop, it’s worth putting in some thought. This way, the materials can reflect and reinforce each other and will help to construct your perfect kitchen.

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