What’s so Different about Dekton?

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What’s so Different about Dekton?

The name may suggest a futuristic piece of engineering, however Dekton worktops have their roots firmly in natural quartz. The easiest way to think of it is as quartz with superpowers!  The manufacturing process involves something called sinterized particle technology. This process essentially compacts the stone to a far greater extent than would be possible in a natural environment. So starting from a very natural point, we arrive at a product which is virtually indestructible! 

More possibilities

Worktops constructed from Dekton materials can be customised to fit any specification. The technologically enhanced material is produced in larger slabs than naturally mined and cut stones such as granite or marble. Great for larger sized kitchen islands! The surfaces can be thinner and sleeker than natural stones, which allows for an ultra modern look. Designs that would require a seam if using natural stone slabs may find that entire counter tops can be installed without visible seams. This flawless appearance is extremely appealing. Fitting this product is also simpler than natural stones, due to the lighter weight that these slabs carry.

Take it Outside

Dekton surfaces are resin bonded and compressed to a greater extent than a natural metamorphic process. This carries the benefit of making the material highly UV resistant. So if you are looking to create an amazing outdoor kitchen or barbecue area, this is probably the stone for you. Surfaces are able to sustain the torrential and sub zero Great British Winter to emerge gleaming and ready to serve for the (hopefully) Great British Summer. No maintenance required!

Super Durable

Dekton is so strong that you should use chopping boards to protect your knives! The surface can be prepared in a matte or polished finish, both of which carry the same intensely compressed process that results in this material’s strength. For kitchens that are busy and under constant pressure from the whole family, you will never again dread any accidental impacts that can arise in family life.

Everything Proof

The production process of Dekton minimises the porosity of the material. It is so compacted that surfaces carry no absorbent properties. In this way, heat, water, household chemicals and liquids that stain do not present any challenges. For bathrooms that seek to maintain hygiene whilst maintaining a relaxing atmosphere, Dekton is great. With such minimum porosity, there is no water penetration to this surface. The need to use abrasive cleaners is reduced, and the bathroom becomes a place dedicated to relaxation, not cleaning!

Zero Maintenance

When customers look to stone for their worktop surface, we know that durability will be high on the list of priorities. However, even those naturally hardy surfaces of granite and marble need to be sealed upon installation. In the long term, natural stones will benefit from a resealing process to restore vibrancy. No need for resurfacing or refinishing when it comes to Dekton!


Similar to quartz, Dekton is available in a wide range of hues and grains. The appearance of this material offers the same uniformity as quartz and increased clarity and vibrancy over the long term. As it is a manufactured, you can be certain of the extent of graining that you will receive on installation of the product. This means that your kitchen design remains consistent for spaces large and small. In addition it is far easier to create cutting edge designs featuring slabs of contrasting tones for areas such as worktop, splash back and kitchen island. The uniformity of appearance allows interior designers more creative power over this type of stone.   


Of course, super powers come with a price tag! It is one which is comparable to other stone surfaces, though. And for a product that is a single lifetime purchase and will sustain its attractiveness and function indefinitely, the cost is most certainly worth it. 

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