Ever wondered… “what is granite used for?”

Versatile Granite

Ever wondered… “what is granite used for?”

It’s no secret that we love granite work surfaces in the kitchen. The material is not only aesthetically pleasing, but is exceedingly durable, heat resistant and easy to maintain. But you need not stop at the kitchen. Granite is a great material for sideboards and surfaces in the bathroom, hallway, living room…anywhere in the home, really! Work surfaces are our expertise, but have you ever thought beyond this? What is granite used for, other than worktops? Here are six of the most popular alternative uses for this wonderful natural stone.


From tiles to slabs, granite is a popular flooring material for both commercial and domestic uses. For areas that experience heavy traffic, like receptions and hallways, the durability of this stone is highly practical. With a striking shine, polished granite makes an elegant statement and works exceptionally well alongside marble. There is a contrasting pattern style between these two stones; with marble a veined stone and granite typically speckled. So floors can become a real work of art.


Perhaps you want a complementary splashback to your granite kitchen worktop. Or maybe your bathroom design requires fully waterproofed walls using tiles or slabs. You may simply want to add an artistic focus to your room or hallway with a stone mosaic feature. Granite is a practical and popular stone to achieve these concepts. The stone is available in a huge range of colours and graining types. When sealed, it will withstand constant water contact which makes it ideal for bathrooms.


For modern concept homes, a granite staircase is a huge investment. However it is one which increasing numbers of homeowners are choosing. As granite is a naturally mined stone, its larger slabs are ideal for using within home structural features such as staircases, or even fireplace mantels. The material is hard wearing, heat resistant and beautiful enough not to need to be covered or require too much maintenance.


For thousands of years, granite has been carved to create representations from icons to gravestones to monuments. These pieces have stood the test of time. So for external building features to decorative sculptures within your home and garden, granite is popular. With the range of granites with which producers can work, it is clear why this material remains favoured to this day.

External Cladding

Of course, granite does not need to be polished. You may have seen polished cladding on commercial office buildings. However, if you consider this material for domestic or community use, you may prefer the more rustic style of rough hewn granite cladding. The durability of this stone makes it a safe option for structural building use.

Garden Landscaping

From patios to stepping stones, granite is a perfect garden material. It will withstand everything that the Great British weather can throw at it and retain its look of lustre. Some even choose granite for their garden furniture or BBQ bars. Not only does granite require far less maintenance than their wooden counterparts, they are a striking statement for a social garden.

As one of the most popular natural stones to use in homes, granite is a truly versatile material. The range of colour hues is varied and graining patterns extensive. This means that granite is able to complement both modern and traditional design concepts. As a durable stone which can withstand the pressures of both internal and external use, you can use granite anywhere you wish. We think it looks and performs great in your kitchen and bathroom. If you want to explore which options could work well for your kitchen concept, just give us a call.

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