What’s so Good about Quartz Worktops?

Choice of Quartz Worktops

What’s so Good about Quartz Worktops?

Ever wondered what’s so great about quartz worktops? You know that increasing numbers of your friends are choosing them, and loving them. But do you still wonder; are quartz worktops any good? Does this engineered stone perform when compared to a composite, a laminate or a natural mined stone? What are the practical and aesthetic benefits of choosing quartz over and above anything else?

Well, there are a few features of quartz that we think are rather good!

Being Durable is Good

When you buy a quartz worktop, you’re making a long term purchasing choice. The makeup of a quartz worktop is 93-94% natural stone mixed with resin. This means that the surface is extremely tough and durable. It’s heat resistant and withstands spills and consistent water contact without staining. A quartz worktop is so tough that you should use sharp knives on a chopping board to protect the knives! So once it’s installed, it’ll manage the pressures of a busy kitchen for many years to come without becoming tired and degraded.

Being Low Maintenance is Good

Because of the engineered quality of a quartz worktop, the surface is completely non-porous. In this way, all you need is a damp cloth and maybe a gentle cleaner if you wish. There are no tiny crevices where bacteria can breed, so a quartz worktop is the most hygienic solution for a kitchen or bathroom. You don’t even need to worry about a periodic sealing process as you do with naturally mined stones. The mix of quartz and resin means that the material is sealed throughout. So there is no absorption of liquid or smells. Your kitchen will, therefore, remain fresh and hygienic with the least effort.

Being Bespoke is Good

Another benefit to being an engineered stone is the ability of quartz to support bespoke requirements. For homes and rooms which may have unusual sizes or awkward angles, quartz can be cut perfectly to match. If a kitchen refit is designed to maximise space or provide solutions with bespoke dimensions, quartz is perfect. As it is not mined in slabs, there is a reduced requirement for joins in the worktop. This not only looks great but brings a greater level of hygiene and durability. You can even achieve more detail with some great edging designs which make a feature of your worktops.

Being Beautiful is Good

Who doesn’t love something beautiful? Whatever your perspective on beauty, a variety of quartz will certainly meet your expectation. Simply think about what you love about stone. Is it sparkle and reflectivity? There’s a quartz to tick the box. Maybe it’s depth of colour. Simply choose from a range of quartz that mixes hues and tones. Your idea of beauty may depend on designing a statement kitchen with an eye catching, bright splash of worktop. You guessed it, there’s a perfect quartz colour for you!

Being Varied is Good

Quartz is produced in such a huge range of colours, hues and graining, there really is something for everyone. Quartz is the master when it comes to variety and choice. Whether you adore the elegant veining of marble, or the signature sparkle of granite, you’ll also find this in quartz. Or perhaps you have a very specific colour scheme which you have struggled to match with any other material. Quartz will offer a hue which will tone in perfectly. With such a range available, you can be certain that there is a quartz within your price range, too. As with any material, different products carry different price tags, and some quartz surfaces can be pricey. But with this breadth of variety, there are plenty more affordable options too.

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