Granite Worktop

Restoring a Granite Worktop

Have you purchased a property that benefits from an existing granite worktop? Perhaps it was one of the most attractive features of the home. However once you moved in you’ve noticed that it needs some TLC. Or maybe you have a well loved granite worktop which has seen you through many years of good service. It’s now succumbing to the ravages of time but there’s no other reason to replace it. From a granite worktop polish to a full [...]

Beautiful Marble Worktop

How to Remove Hard Water Stains from Marble

We’re willing to hazard a guess at why you chose a marble worktop. For one reason, it’s a beautiful stone. It’s classic and interesting and natural. And furthermore, it’s solid and hard-wearing and durable. But what do you do when hard water limescale sets in? In some areas, the hardness of the water supply means that you will need to have a plan for how to remove hard water stains from marble.  Marble Qualities Although it is true that marble is [...]

Marble Floor

Why you Should Invest in a Marble Floor Polish

In a home or a workplace, natural stone is a wonderfully versatile and durable material. Marble especially brings a timeless elegance that can withstand evolving design concepts. So as a flooring material, stone is a popular choice for those taking a long view. You may not have considered a marble floor polish. However, to get the absolute best out of your marble floor a certain degree of long term maintenance is key. I thought Stone is Low Maintenance? Absolutely right. Compared [...]

Worktop Stone

Making Sense of Different Types of Worktop

As part of a kitchen refit, choosing your worktop is a central decision. Indeed, some favour a change of worktop to give their kitchen a facelift when a full renovation is out of the question. However, how do you decide what’s right for you when faced with so many different types of worktop? There are aesthetics to consider, as well as your kitchen usage and maintenance demands. Not to forget the all important financial implications! So let us help [...]

Small Kitchen

Tips for Kitchen Designs in Small Spaces

We believe that all kitchens have the potential to be a great space. If a kitchen is small, though, it can feel like more of a challenge. The key to working out kitchen designs for small kitchens is in layout and features. So what are the best ways to design a small kitchen and where should you spend your budget for the best effect? Layout A work triangle – the path between cooking, cleaning and food storage areas is designed to [...]

Baking Bread Kitchen

National Relaxation Day: Head to Your Kitchen to Unwind

August 15th is National Relaxation Day. We all know how important it is to have downtime and space for reflection. However, it’s an incongruous truth that no one ever relaxed by being told to relax! So, come the 15th August or indeed any day of the year, we look at why the kitchen is ideal to truly unwind! Not only this, but find out how stone worktops play an integral role in keeping this room calm, understated and elegant. Baking The [...]

Summer Stone Worktops

Why Stone Worktops are Great for Summer

The sun has arrived, Wimbledon’s been great and school’s nearly out. Summer fever is here, and with it the way you use your kitchen will change. Maybe in just the most minuscule of ways, but it will. You’ll find that a focus on fresh food, cool drinks and entertaining tends to dominate this season. Not only this, but July is National Picnic Month. So it’s time to set your kitchen surfaces to work as you create a glorious picnic. [...]

Stone Kitchen Worktop

6 Top Functions of a Stone Kitchen Worktop

If you’re considering a stone worktop for your kitchen refit, you will likely consider both aesthetics and function. We all know that granite, marble and quartz are beautiful materials. Surfaces that will inspire admiration among visitors to your kitchen. But, how should we think about stone when it comes to function? Indeed, what are the key functional benefits of stone worktops and what works best where? Preparation Maybe you prefer to prepare culinary delights close to your cook zone. Or you [...]

Luxury Stone Bathroom

A Guide to Bathroom Stone

What’s the plan with your bathroom? Unless you’ve just finished refitting it, most people have a plan forming in the back of their mind about this room. It’s the room where many of us have a ‘fantasy design’; a spa-like haven in which to retreat from the world. Perhaps you want to freshen up your existing family bathroom. Or maybe you plan to add an en-suite or downstairs w.c to add value and convenience to your home. And it [...]

Sink and Worktop

Everything about the Kitchen Sink: How to Chose the Right Sink for Your Stone Worktop

The relationship between your kitchen sink and the worktop that surrounds it is a delicate one. You must find a balance that successfully combines function and aesthetic within your overall room design. Since you’ve spent all this time and consideration in choosing your ideal stone worktop, identifying the right sink can be the icing on the cake.  So from different materials to different styles, we give you a run down of the kitchen sink options and when they work best! Positioning Undermounted Here, [...]