What’s So Great About Granite?

granite kitchen worktop

What’s So Great About Granite?

Here at Zenstone, we think that all stone is fantastic. Each of the varieties of stone worktop that we supply has their own unique appeal and charm. Today we want to talk specifically about granite and sing the praises of that most traditional of domestic stones. Where the popularity of natural stone in home decor remains on the up, granite is seen as a classic.


Because of its status as an iconic high-end material, you will find that granite worktops are the part of a kitchen that actually does add value when you come to sell a home. It can sustain any alterations of its surrounding kitchen, so is worth investing in.


Your granite worktops will last a lifetime. You may not intend to remain in your home for a lifetime, but then as we’ve said, the durability of this material is appealing for those who come along after you. For a busy kitchen or frequently utilised bathroom, granite surfaces will take water, heat, knocks and pressure without showing the evidence. This leaves you to enjoy this great stone long term, without the expense of having to replace it.


With a kaleidoscope of colours and range of grain styles out there, there is a granite out there for every kitchen or bathroom design. As a natural stone, every piece is different which means that a worktop will constantly offer something new as it catches your eye. This carries the added benefit of your kitchen worktop being absolutely unique. With a variety of sparkle integrated into the different types of stone, a bright spring day can lift your kitchen worktop to the magical!


We know that granite exists in many colours, but the key factor in the timelessness of this material is that because of its durability the colour is here to stay. Where many counters will experience fading of colour, this is not so for granite. Those parts of your kitchen that sustain lengthy periods of sunshine will simply serve to highlight the elegance of your stone worktop.


Sometimes, damage to a worktop is not down to the passage of time. It only takes one moment of carelessness to cause damage to a manmade or wooden kitchen worktop. A hot pan or sharp knife stand no chance against a granite worktop, however. Once sealed, this material will give you a surface that will resist heat damage and scratches, so you will not live to regret that one kitchen slip-up.


Because sealed granite does not scratch and presents an extremely smooth surface, it’s a tricky place for germs and bacteria to take hold. This makes it a most hygienic choice for your kitchen worktops. For those looking for a kitchen that can take a huge amount of activity, but does not fancy the lengthy toil of cleaning, granite is extremely low maintenance.


If you spend a lot of time in your kitchen – whether cooking or as a social space, the feeling of a worktop is an often overlooked but important aspect of material choice. When you are cooking or baking, your hands come into contact with the surface frequently. So the tactile cool, smooth feeling of granite is extremely appealing.

Granite is utterly timeless. It is a material that will stand the test of time in its durability and its appeal. A Kuru Grey worktop fitted into a traditional style kitchen, for example, can happily sustain the alteration of the space into a minimalist modern style. This is the one part of a kitchen that can stand as a monument as all around it changes. The benefits of this stone as a popular feature in a kitchen is clear from the increase in its sales. So we think it’s time that even more customers join us on the granite train!

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