How to make your kitchen extraordinary

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How to make your kitchen extraordinary

Are you in the early stages of planning your kitchen refit? Maybe you’ve recently been given permission for that long awaited kitchen extension? Perhaps you now find yourself in a bit of a pause before the process can commence. It’s frustrating, but why not take this time to really consider how you can make your new space truly extraordinary. You don’t have to be featured in an episode of Grand Designs to have an extraordinary kitchen. We mean the type of kitchen that will wow your friends, and even give you a little thrill every time you walk in!


Use of colour is a popular way to make an impression through your kitchen design. Not only this, but focussing on colour will have little impact on your budget. You could contrast your neutral quartz worktop with a vibrant accent wall. Or conversely, choose a coloured marble to add a splash of colour against your walls and cabinetry. These contrasts of colour give character to the room. The contrast also serves to highlight elegant features, such as your quartz or marble worktop.


There is no universal rule stating that your worktops must be straight sided, or your kitchen island rectangular. So why not rethink the shapes of your kitchen? A softer natural stone, like marble, is actually comparatively malleable. So make your kitchen design extraordinary by introducing curved lines. You can balance unusual angles in a period property, or add character to a perfectly rectangular room. Larger spaces can benefit from a striking circular kitchen island, making access easy from all around the room.


Quality and exclusivity of materials in your kitchen will without doubt create a talking point. When it comes to quality, it’s not just down to the look. It’s about the feel of the material, and how it responds to the environment. Choose your materials with properties such as light reflectivity and tactile attributes in mind. This adds depth to your kitchen structure, and improves your kitchen experience. When you welcome friends and family into the space, they will appreciate the cool, soft feel of a marble surface. Or the way that your granite reflects light like no other material.


Will you engineer your design features to maximise natural light? Or perhaps you favour a super hi-tech synthetic lighting system. The way that light responds to your kitchen is integral to how the space performs. Both dark and bright spaces will benefit from light natural stone. From granite to marble, the integral reflectivity of these stones will bring a bright vibrancy to your room. When you include sophisticated electric light in your kitchen refit plan, check out quartz varieties that combine colours. These fragments of variance work fantastically with changeable lighting to reflect different elements depending on the mood.


A well thought out theme is a wonderful thing. And, get it right, it can be timeless too. We’re talking about inspiration from a concept – not going over the top! You can have an extraordinary kitchen without incorporating every element of your kitchen design into that theme. Think about the central colours of your theme and tie your design threads in here. You don’t have to link all of your kitchen features to Alice in Wonderland, for example. One or two elements will provide focus, while a monochrome scheme of dark granite worktop and light walls with a flash of red on your cabinetry will tie the concept together!


Of course, your kitchen need not simply be a visual folly. The exceptional in your kitchen may be down to function. Check out facilities that are integrated, hidden, or futuristic. You may like the idea of integrated lighting in your quartz breakfast bar. Or perhaps a sunken herb garden within your granite sink surround. Then there’s all the smart technology potential out there! Really, the only limits are your imagination!

To make your kitchen design special, you need time to contemplate. And at some points in life, time to contemplate is readily available – even enforced. So make the most of it and put in that extra flair that will lift your kitchen to the truly extraordinary!

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