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hands in rubber gloves cleaning stone worktop

A Guide to Stone Maintenance

One of the key benefits of choosing stone for your new kitchen worktop is how little maintenance this material requires. This isn’t to say, however, that your worktop will simply look after itself for decades on end. To keep your quartz, marble or granite surfaces looking as stunning as the day they were fitted, take a few simple and hassle free steps of basic maintenance.  Daily Habits A great routine to establish which will have long lasting benefits for your stone [...]

monochrome kitchen

Why Stone Works Best for Monochrome Kitchen Schemes

There is a reason that the trend for monochrome kitchens has held up in popularity. It’s modern and clean and the ultimate in flexibility. The concept can emit timeless elegance or funky contemporary style. It may all seem simple – it’s just black and white after all. However, this scheme comes with its own potential pitfalls, many of which come down to material choice and finding the right balance of tones. So why is stone so popular for monochrome [...]